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Tree work notifications 2021

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Last updated 16/07/2021

The table below shows all notifications of work on trees in the Grange Conservation Area (TCO) and applications for work on trees that are subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) anywhere in the Grange Association area, for which the initial application was made in 2021. TCO applicants are required to give six weeks' notice of works, during which time the Council can decide to make a TPO. In the absence of a response before the TCO determination deadline, the works may proceed thereafter. More information about the application process is available from our planning guidance page.

Full details of each application can be accessed through the Council's planning portal by clicking on the reference number in the left hand column of the table below.

Click on the column heading to sort the table by that column (ascending order); click it again for descending order. (Default order - Application validated; date descending)

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Application validated Status

'Decision issued'
'TCO determination deadline'
GA Action
21/00477/TCO Silver Birch - reduction of canopy by 30%. Removal of branches overhanging the street. General pruning and shaping. 5 Sciennes Gardens EH9 1NR 01 Feb 2021 Not make a TPO 19 Feb 2021
21/02008/TCO Decayed cherry tree - full removal 10 Sciennes Gardens EH9 1NR 14 Apr 2021 Not make a TPO 14 May 2021
21/00134/TCO Silver Birch - 30% height reduction. Cherry tree - over hanging lower to midsection branches reduction. 15 Sciennes Gardens EH9 1NR 13 Jan 2021 Not make a TPO 23 Feb 2021
21/03835/TCO T1 Prunus purple leafed plum - crown reduction 30%. 5 St Catherine's Place EH9 1NU 15 Jul 2021 Awaiting Assessment 25 Aug 2021
21/00748/TCO Prunus and [Crataegus] - to remove both trees. 15 St Catherine's Place EH9 1NU 17 Feb 2021 Not make a TPO 26 Mar 2021
21/02040/TCO Front garden mature Lime over Sciennes Rd. Outer edge of wall starting to spall onto public footway - Swelling in bole at 1m which is in direct contact with stone boundary wall. Remove tree.
Holly in front garden. - Remove. Plant replacement tree of smaller species.
Rear garden 3 Cypresses on south boundary. Outgrown their position in this small garden. - Remove. Large growth potential.
1 Tantallon Place EH9 1NY 15 Apr 2021 Make a Tree Preservation Order 26 May 2021 Email
21/03184/TPO Holly in front garden - Remove & plant replacement tree of smaller species, 3 Cypresses on South Boundary of rear garden - Remove. Outgrown their position in small garden TPO
1 Tantallon Place EH9 1NY 09 Jun 2021 Granted 01 Jul 2021
21/00097/TCO Cherry - dismantle and replace cherry 8 Palmerston Road EH9 1TN 11 Jan 2021 Not make a TPO 17 Feb 2021
21/02403/TCO Birch (which is dead for the last two years) - removal of the tree. Flat 1
12 Palmerston Road
EH9 1TN 10 May 2021 Not make a TPO 03 Jun 2021
21/00098/TCO Line of holly trees - dismantle; Apple x2 - Dismantle; Plum/Apple - routine prune 33 Hatton Place EH9 1UA 11 Jan 2021 Not make a TPO 17 Feb 2021
21/02453/TCO Cherry Tree in corner of garden - prune to BS3998. 1 Hatton Place EH9 1UD 05 May 2021 Not make a TPO 04 Jun 2021
21/01602/TCO Mature Lime over street - remove basal epicormics and check for decay. Crown lift to 5.5m all way round - remove large diameter deadwood and hangers. Check primary branches and unions for splits, cracks and decay. 23 Grange Road EH9 1UQ 25 Mar 2021 Not make a TPO 28 Apr 2021
21/03742/TCO Cherry tree - full removal. 10A Strathearn Road EH9 2AE 09 Jul 2021 Awaiting Assessment 19 Aug 2021
21/03759/TCO Willow in front garden - Remove 6 Strathearn Road EH9 2AH 12 Jul 2021 Awaiting Assessment 20 Aug 2021
21/00689/TCO Mature Walnut overhanging double yellow lines on Kilgraston Road. Remove major deadwood - crown lift to 4m all way round, clear streetlight, thin out topping heads by approx 25%. 6 Kilgraston Road EH9 2DP 11 Feb 2021 Not make a TPO 24 Mar 2021
21/03359/TCO Sycamore at left hand boundary in rear garden - remove. Causing safety concerns, shading and material dropping into gutters and drains. 6 Blackford Road EH9 2DS 21 Jun 2021 Awaiting Assessment 30 Jul 2021 Email
21/01665/TCO Cherry at front gate - Reduce and shape 30% , Birch [at] driveway - Crown lift and routine prune, beech - thin and lift 15%, dead plum - remove 12 Blackford Road EH9 2DS 29 Mar 2021 Not make a TPO 30 Apr 2021
21/02197/TCO T1 Cypress - fell the tree. 16A Blackford Road EH9 2DS 22 Apr 2021 Not make a TPO 28 May 2021
21/00370/TCO Handkerchief tree on corner (garden fronting onto Whitehouse Loan) - remove lowest whorl of 3 branches. Pollarded Japanese Cherry halfway down garden fronting onto Whitehouse Loan - shorten regrowth to previous cuts. Garden fronting onto Whitehouse Loan - Yew with Kiftsgate Rose growing through it & adjacent Holly - reduce crown height & spread by approx 30% & reduce back spread from neighbour's driveway. 1 Blackford Road EH9 2DT 25 Jan 2021 Not make a TPO 02 Mar 2021
21/03596/TCO Pine - Remove Pine tree from fence line. 19 Blackford Road EH9 2DT 02 Jul 2021 Awaiting Assessment 12 Aug 2021
21/00059/TCO Lime in back garden - clear suckers & uprights to 24ft [7m], prune off base suckers. Cherry in back garden - remove large stem to balance. Birch in back garden - crown-lift to 24ft [7m] & remove suckers. Neighbour's Chestnut - prune off three small and one 5inch [130mm] branch over fence. Whitebeam by drive - remove. Neighbour's Holly over back garden fence - remove overhanging stem. Laburnum at side of house - fell. 19A Blackford Road EH9 2DT 07 Jan 2021 Not make a TPO 11 Feb 2021
21/00401/TCO Large Yellow Cypress on West boundary in front garden - remove. Applicants feels it has outgrown position & dominating neighbour's house. Fallen Purple leaved Plum on West boundary in front garden - remove. Probably sustained root damage and removal during building of new house. Weeping Elm at driveway - remove dead branch. 23 Blackford Road EH9 2DT 26 Jan 2021 Not make a TPO 04 Mar 2021
21/00926/TCO Italian Cypress and Cypress tree removal - Remove unstable Italian Cypress and removal of Cypress Tree which is causing damage. 29 Blackford Road EH9 2DT 24 Feb 2021 Not make a TPO 26 Mar 2021
21/01603/TCO Cut back and reshape 2 Laurel, 4 Holly, 1 Elder hedge. Remove small self-seeded Yew - cutback Laurel / Holly / Elder hedging. Remove small (2m) Yew. 29 Blackford Road EH9 2DT 25 Mar 2021 Not make a TPO 28 Apr 2021
21/02556/TCO 1 Thuja and Cypress - dismantle. 4 Cypress trees - crown raise. Flat 1 - 7
33 Blackford Road
EH9 2DT 10 May 2021 Not make a TPO 22 Jun 2021
21/00769/TCO Large Lawson Cypress over Grange Loan. Too large for its position - remove. Has large growth potential. Bole only 1/2m from stone retaining wall. 13 Kilgraston Road EH9 2DX 17 Feb 2021 Not make a TPO 26 Mar 2021
21/03548/TCO Apple tree in left hand corner of back garden - To reduce by 30 percent, shape and balance., Plum tree in right hand corner of back garden - To reduce by 30 percent, shape and balance. 124 Grange Loan EH9 2EF 30 Jun 2021 Awaiting Assessment 10 Aug 2021
21/00587/TCO Maple tree close to boundary wall - dismantle. Eucalyptus - clear from phone lines. 73 Grange Loan EH9 2EG 08 Feb 2021 Not make a TPO 27 Apr 2021
21/01003/TCO Conifer beside boundary wall and 4.5m from house - fell conifer. GF 35 Grange Loan EH9 2ER 01 Mar 2021 Not make a TPO 31 Mar 2021
21/00052/TCO Self-seeded Ash and Sycamore growing from base of wall in rear garden - fell tree. Trees in front garden - crown lift over pavement and garden. 37 Grange Loan EH9 2ER 07 Jan 2021 Deadline passed without response 17 Feb 2021
21/02104/TCO Atlantic Cedar - check crown for hangers, unstable branch unions and split branches. Western Red Cedar - crown lift to 5m over garden to improve light levels to beds. Weeping Willow - remove some small diameter deadwood. Neighbour's Yew - crown lift to 4m over applicant's garden, cutting branches to boundary line. Sycamore, crown lift to 5m all way round - remove major deadwood and hangers. Corsican Pine - crown lift to 5m all way round and remove major deadwood and hangers. 1 Whitehouse Terrace EH9 2EU 20 Apr 2021 Not make a TPO 21 May 2021
21/01437/TCO Cedar - remove lower primary limb to West. Ailing Cherry - dismantle. Laurel / Holly - clear street lighting. 5 Whitehouse Terrace EH9 2EU 18 Mar 2021 Not make a TPO 22 Apr 2021
21/00120/TCO Early mature Sycamore located between rear garden rear boundary fence & burn/rail track - reduce to previous topping cuts & shape. 6 Trotter Haugh EH9 2GZ 12 Jan 2021 Not make a TPO 19 Feb 2021
21/03564/TCO Norway Maple - 15m high with a trunk diameter of 60cms. - To cut to stump 10 Oswald Road EH9 2HF 30 Jun 2021 Permission Is Not Required 01 Jul 2021
21/01677/TCO Tree removal 4 trees adjacent South Oswald Road [3 x Lombardy Poplar, 1 x Weeping Willow] - Section dismantling Flat 5, 9
4] South Oswald Road
29 Mar 2021 Not make a TPO 30 Apr 2021
21/02415/TCO Sycamore (tag T0071) - remove major deadwood. Whitebeam (tag T0075) - remove. Pine (tag T0079) - sever Ivy. 89 South Oswald Road EH9 2HH 03 May 2021 Not make a TPO 04 Jun 2021
21/00770/TPO Maple (tag 486) & Gean overhanging west boundary parking spaces 16-19. - Laterally reduce so do not overhang parking spaces. Been topped in past. TPO
Flat 1
91 South Oswald Road
EH9 2HH 16 Feb 2021 Granted 16 Apr 2021
21/01205/TCO Lime on south boundary wall in front garden. Remove major deadwood. - Check primary branch unions for decay & remove lower epicormics., Birch in middle of front garden. Check 4 major cavities in primary branches. - Remove major deadwood & check primary branch unions., Birch on west boundary. Clear neighbour's low Cypresses & check primary branch unions. - Remove major deadwood. Check heading cuts on low branch over neighbour's garden & target prune. 12B Oswald Road EH9 2HJ 08 Mar 2021 Not make a TPO 08 Apr 2021
21/00747/TPO [Horse Chestnut and Rowan - removal; 2x Ash - crown reduction; 3x cherry laurel shrubs and 2x elder shrub - removal] TPO
Blackford Gate
39 - 53 Mortonhall Road
EH9 2HN 23 Feb 2021 Mixed Decision:
Consent for only:
Common Ash (2690) 25% reduction of specified branches;
Common Elder (2693) - fell; Rowan (2694) - fell
21/02679/TPO Birch to West of block 4 - reduce back from flats by approx 3m, possibly removing 1 entire branch. Lime to West of block 4 - clear streetlight. Norway Maple by Grange Loan entrance - clear streetlight. Dying Purple Leaved Plum between blocks 1 & 2, sitting in waterlogged ground - assess vitality of tree. If needed, remove and plant replacement tree tolerant of waterlogging. TPO
4 Dun-ard Garden EH9 2HZ 18 May 2021 Awaiting decision (no documents)
21/00053/TCO Non-native [conifer] in front garden near street boundary wall - removal. 37 Dick Place EH9 2JA 07 Jan 2021 Not make a TPO 11 Feb 2021
21/03254/TCO Silver Birch, Cherry, Silver Birch - removal. 55 Dick Place EH9 2JA 15 Jun 2021 Not make a TPO 06 Jul 2021
21/00055/TCO Beech tree on right-hand boundary of property - the Beech tree is 55ft [17m] in height. We are asking for permission to reduce the crown of the tree. 36 Dick Place EH9 2JB 07 Jan 2021 Not make a TPO 11 Feb 2021
21/01950/TCO 5x Thuja Plicata - reduce heights and widths Ref A. 7x Cupressocyparis Leylandii - reduce heights and widths Ref B. 46 Dick Place EH9 2JB 12 Apr 2021 Not make a TPO 13 May 2021
21/03644/TCO 2 mature Sycamores on west boundary in rear garden. Remove any major deadwood over neighbours garden. - Inspect bases for decay & inspect primary branches & branch unions for splits, cracks & decay. Japanese Cherry to east of house. - Remove. Leaning on house wall & roots causing significant upset to paving., Leaning Weeping Willow on driveway. - Reduce end weight & overhang of west crown by approx 2m. 46A Dick Place EH9 2JB 05 Jul 2021 Awaiting Assessment 13 Aug 2021
21/00882/TCO Cherry tree - crown thinning. 28 Lauder Road EH9 2JF 23 Feb 2021 Not make a TPO 26 Mar 2021
21/00530/TCO Prunus Avium (Wild Cherry) - remedial pruning works. 25 Lauder Road EH9 2JG 03 Feb 2021 Not make a TPO 12 Mar 2021
21/02214/TCO Lawson Cypress: Removal of tree. 12 Dick Place EH9 2JL 23 Apr 2021 Not make a TPO 28 May 2021
21/00648/TCO Cherry - re-pollard. 20 Findhorn Place EH9 2JP 10 Feb 2021 Not make a TPO 24 Mar 2021
21/03725/TCO 3 Cherries & 1 Purple leaved plum in front garden. - Reduce crown height & radial spread by approx 1m (approximately to previous reduction cuts). GF 7 Dick Place EH9 2JS 08 Jul 2021 Awaiting Assessment 18 Aug 2021
21/03321/TCO Purple Leaved Plum in middle of front boundary in front garden - remove. Badly pruned in past and not part of new garden design. 15 Cumin Place EH9 2JX 17 Jun 2021 Not make a TPO 08 Jul 2021
21/01203/TCO 2 pollarded Lime boles with regrowth in front garden. - Remove regrowth., Young Gean in front garden close to street retaining wall. - Appears to be pushing the cope. Remove tree. 34 St Alban's Road EH9 2LU 08 Mar 2021 Not make a TPO 08 Apr 2021
21/01289/TCO Birch, growing near driveway in front garden. Height 5.5m, spread 5m, DBH 300mm. Reduce height by 1.5m and spread by 1m radius. Remove dead wood and stubs left by previous pruning. Greengage, located in back garden. Height 5m, spread 8m, DBH twin stem, 220-280mm. - Reduce height by approx. 1-1.5m. Reduce spread towards the East by 0.5-1m. 40 St Alban's Road EH9 2LU 11 Mar 2021 Not make a TPO 08 Apr 2021
21/00595/TCO Five Lime trees alongside Findhorn Place, height 9-11m, spread 8-10m, DBH 400 - 550mm - minor pruning to provide clearance over road and garden, and to allow light to garden. Magnolia (Magnolia sp.) located at side of garage and conservatory, height 4m, spread 7m, DBH m.s. 80 - 130mm - very minor pruning to reduce weight of over-extended branch over lawn. 22 Fountainhall Road EH9 2LW 10 Feb 2021 Not make a TPO 16 Mar 2021
21/00243/TCO Silver Birch in the front garden[] - remove the tree including the stump [to extend off-street parking]. 58 St Alban's Road EH9 2LX 19 Jan 2021 Not make a TPO 02 Mar 2021 Email
21/03513/TCO Ash tree and sycamore stump - Remove small ash tree (10" [250mm]) by railway and reduce sycamore stump by a further ten feet [3m]. 9 Relugas Road EH9 2NE 29 Jun 2021 Awaiting Assessment 09 Aug 2021
21/01691/TCO Pear tree at [rear] - removal. 23 Dalrymple Crescent EH9 2NX 30 Mar 2021 Not make a TPO 30 Apr 2021
21/02848/TCO Cherry - North East corner - 1. dismantle Cherry tree and remove. Holly tree North side - dismantle Holly tree and remove. Silver Birch North Side - reduce canopy of crown by 30%. Silver Birch North Side two - dismantle and removal of tree. 92A Findhorn Place EH9 2NZ 26 May 2021 Not make a TPO 24 Jun 2021
21/00154/TPO Tree 34 to 37: Ash - affected with ash dieback - remove. Tree 40: Birch - tree is in close proximity to a property - remove. Tree 42: Holly - major dieback throughout - remove. Tree 49: Laburnum - major dieback throughout - remove. TPO
- 87
Homeross House
1 Mount Grange
EH9 2QX 20 Jan 2021 Granted 16 Apr 2021
21/02287/TCO White/Crack Willow - Reduce crown by 30% and remove medium to large dead-wood. Childs Play Nursery
8 Falcon Road
EH10 4AH 27 Apr 2021 Not make a TPO 01 Jun 2021
21/01433/TCO Birch - remove. [Holly] - remove. 6A Eden Lane EH10 4SD 18 Mar 2021 Not make a TPO 22 Apr 2021
21/00088/TCO Newbattle Terrace tree removal - removal of single [sycamore] tree. 82 Newbattle Terrace EH10 4SE 11 Jan 2021 Make a Tree Preservation Order 19 Feb 2021