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Grange Conservation Area Character Appraisal


The new draft Conservation Area Character Appraisal and the questionnaire to complete for the public consultation are available at http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/CACAreview . We are told that the questionnaire will continue to be available for a short while so please visit the site now and give your opinion. We are hoping that in future, the planners will be paying more attention to the CACA, so it is important that it is as accurate and comprehensive as possible.


We’d just like to add that this Wednesday, 27th November, between 2:30-7:30, the Grange Conservation Area design survey team will be in Newington Library to listen to your opinions.

Many of us were at the Grange Association meeting the other week, at the start of which Rachel Haworth (of the City of Edinburgh Council’s Built Heritage team) gave a short presentation, introducing a short on-line survey designed to capture our views on recent developments in the Grange Conservation Area. This is in preparation for a revision of the Grange Conservation Area Character Appraisal which will be the subject of further consultation during 2014.

If you were there, you should have picked up a small flyer with the on-line survey site details, but you may not have.

There is a very important opportunity here to give your views on what the update to the Grange Conservation Area Character Appraisal should entail.

Development in conservation areas is required to pay special attention to preserving or enhancing the character or appearance of the area.

Please consider the special character of the Grange whilst completing this survey. You will be shown a series of videos of a selection of recent developments. Please answer the accompanying questions.

Go to the Grange Conservation Area Character Appraisal Design Evaluation Survey  and complete the questionnaire.

Also please pass this link on to neighbours you know, who may not be members, for them to complete too.

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