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Penny Well Specification 1887

Specification of work to be executed . . . for the erection of

A Granite Fountain at the site of the Old Penny Well, Grange Loan

Burgh Engineer’s Office Edinburgh 7th December 1887

1 The fountain to be made entirely of the best Red or Grey Granite, to be selected from specimens to be

furnished by the Offerer and to be free from all flaws or blemishes, to be as the dimensions and design

shown on drawings prepared by the Burgh Engineer.

2 The whole of the dog trough . . . flutings of columns and flutings of shell is to be . . . All flat sections of

front sides also upper bed and . . . of . . . is to be brightly polished.

3 Four holes 1 1/4 diameter or thereby as directed to be worked through the granite . . . wall of the

passage of a water supply and wash(?) pipes.

4 The present wall on which the fountain is to be fixed is to be cut or . . . out to receive the granite work

and must be properly and solidly built up round and behind the same when die fountain has been fixed.

The face of the wall round the new work to be properly and neatly pointed with cement or lime as may

be directed.

5 The Contractor to pay all carriage of granite or other material required by him, provide all . . .

The whole work to be completed to the satisfaction of the Burgh Engineer which shall be . . . . . . required.

Contractor must include in his Tender . . . . . . finish the work . . .

Burgh Engineer

This is the Specification referred to in my offer of date . . . December 1887

(sgd) A W Forbes Witness (sgd) James H Kerr

(sgd) William FairleyWitness

Accompanying Drawing


Typed from a manuscript copy in an unknown hand by Graham Dickson – July 2000

(see The Penny Well)

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