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Past Officers of the Association

From AGM in year: Chair Vice-Chair Secretary Treasurer
Nigel Ayton Newsletter 120, page 4
Jenny Dawe Newsletter 112, page 2
Lucy Richardson Newsletter 124, page 5
Martin Sinclair Newsletter 119, page 4
2019Sue Tritton
Sue Tritton Newsletter 105, page 2
Adam Rennie Newsletter 106, page 2
Joan Forehand Newsletter 115, page 5
Roger Kellett Newsletter 108, page 2
John Graham Newsletter 120, page 6
Sue Tritton
Richard Brown Newsletter 104, page 2
2013Doreen Allerton
Sofia Leonard Newsletter 100, page 4
[Vacant]Olga Franks
2009David McCardelAndrew BellMarion Cantley
Jon Oberlander Died Dec-2017; Newsletter 120, page 4
Sheila Reid Died in office, Aug-2005:
Newsletter 83 page 2
Jon Oberlander
2004Graham Dickson
Hamish Logan Died in office 30-Nov-2001
Appreciation: Newsletter 72 page 2
1999Jo Scott
1998Lesley Robertson
1997Gerald France
Derek Lyddon Died Feb-2015; Newsletter 112, page 3
Sheila Reid
1995 From AGM Feb-1995
Constitution updated at SGM Nov-1994: AGM moved from Nov to Feb or Mar – to facilitate charitable status from 1996
Until AGM in year:Chair Vice-Chair Secretary Treasurer
1994 SGM Nov-1994: Officers remained in post until AGM Feb-1995
Derek Lyddon[Vacant]Gerald FranceMarion Cantley
1993 Until AGM Nov-1993
Dorothy Ryle Memorial bench: Newsletter 126, page 5
Died Jan-2019: Newsletter 124, page 11
Profile: Newsletter 121, page 4
Marjorie Matheson
1990Sofia Leonard
1988Gavin Anderson
[Gavin Anderson] Source: Newsletter 41 page 3
1987Bill MoyesRobin Cavaghan
Robbie Bartholomew Died Apr-2017; Newsletter 119, page 4
Profile: Newsletter 114, page 6
Gavin Anderson
1985Ivor KlaymanGeorge Gretton
1984Ann MillerRobbie Bartholomew
1983Mr Archie ReidMrs C. Stephens Mrs M. Thomson
1981Mrs H. SawersMr J. Wilson
1980Mrs Angela M. Clarke
1979Mrs Anne Lilwall
East Grange Association 1974-1978
Dr L.J. (“Bill”) Hale Newsletter 9, page 6
Newsletter 114, page 4
Mr Archie ReidMrs Angela M. ClarkeMrs Anne Lilwall
1977Miss Rosemary C. WilliamsonMr R. Mackenzie
1975Prof. Richard ScottMr R. Kemp
1974 First AGM: 14-Oct-1974
Foundation meeting: 16-Jun-1974
Very Rev. Dr Bill McDonald Died: 9-Dec-2015
Obituary: Scotsman 18-Dec-2015


  1. My husband William (‘Bill’) Rae was, as far as I know the first president but without some serious digging I don’t know the year. Because he worked for the Council, he was instrumental in getting the Grange listed as a Conservation area. During his retirement he also did a lot of research on the Grange Cemetery.

  2. Sofia Leonard (12 St Albans Road)
    17 July 2020

    The first President of the Grange Association was Dr Derek Lyddon after his retiral as Chair of the Grange Association in 1991 and as Chief Planner Officer of the Scottish Office.

    In 1978 Dr Willam Hale, then Director of the Centre for Human Ecology of the University of Edinburgh and Chair of the East Grange Association asked me to assist the Association in making a successful case to the Council for Conservation Area Designation. I was working at the time towards a post – grad in Architectural Conservation directed by Dr Colin McWilliams from Heriot-Watt University. Conscious that Conservation cannot be achieved by any one individual without the involvenment of the community, I accepted the Commission to produce a Report for the Council, but asked The East Grange Association to form an ‘ad-hoc group’ of volunteers to help me in the project. The first meeting of the ‘Conservation Group’ met at my house and Bill Rae stepped forward to Chair the volunteers to assist in the process.

    The ‘Conservation Group’ included as members:
    Robert Bartholomew, Sandra Carter, Anthony Dixon, Newman Fersguson, Edith Fortescue, Alan Jamison, George Kinnear, Alexander Law, Margareth Phillips, Hillary Sawers, Isabel Simpson and Cecilia Stephens. (see first page of ‘The Grange: A Case for Conservation’, published in 1982 and subsequently approved by the Council)

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