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Stone cutting dust - 17 Cumin Place
wrenhaPostApril 21, 2021, 09:57
Posts: 6
September 25, 2013, 09:16
Normal topicStone cutting dust - 17 Cumin Place

17 Cumin place (house and garden) are having a total re-modelling (with planning permission in spite of being in a conservation area). The owners have moved out and left their neighbours to live with the unacceptable and long-term disruption. The current and seemingly endless top problem is the noise and dust pollution from all the stone-cutting. (We met a friend recently washing his car at the bottom of Lauder Road - around 500 yards as the dust blows - describing it as 'Sahara dust' no, it was 17 Cumin Place dust.)
What can be done to put a stop to this dangerous and polluting practice?
Should they not be using dust extraction vacuums or water suppression or ... I'm no builder and the regulations are not written in plain English.
I have told them that I will be entertaining in my garden this morning and I don't expect to have to vacate it, but it is not just a small localised event; it is blighting the lives of everyone in the area, especially those living down-wind.
It's being going on for months (the same stonemasons were working next door in Lauder Road on and off for months as well). It is beyond our tolerance levels.
Can someone suggest what can be done, or can the Association spring into action with the Council, please.

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