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Yellow concrete temporary roadsign anchors
PlanningPostMarch 6, 2021, 14:38
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April 4, 2018, 13:36
Normal topicYellow concrete temporary roadsign anchors

Since 2016, there has been temporary signage relating to the closure of Sciennes Road. The signs indicate alternative routes and include these signs on Grange Road and this sign on Tantallon Place. The blocks obstruct the pavement and, in the five years since they were installed, they have become eyesores, although at least one has benefited from inventive direct action.

Councillor Cameron Rose (Southside / Newington) has enquired about these and reports:

There are around 8 of the – almost 1 tonne – blocks holding a variety of information. They are concrete and becoming more and more unsightly as they weather and the paint flakes off. They were placed there to indicate the hours for the school drop off and pick up project, with its closing of Sciennes Road at these two times of the day. Being near the hospital, there was also a need to sign diversion routes clearly. So many of them are diversion routing signs.

As you will be aware, there are two other issues combining. One is the near complete closure of Sciennes Road (24 hrs) as part of the Spaces for People Project to enhance social distancing (around the school). Whilst the closure of the Sick Kids is also pending, I don’t see this as being part of the rationale – other than for the reason in the last para above, to ensure access to a working hospital. As you know that has been repeatedly delayed. (The latest indication I have is for the decanting to be complete by 23rd April or thereabouts.)

Now as to the removal of these, some of them will not be required when the hospital closes. And they are relevant for diversions while Covid measures exist. It may be that both of these will fall away shortly and there will need to be an appraisal. It would be premature to move them at the moment. As things clarify with Covid measures reducing, and the move date, the time is approaching to review. There remains, of course, something of a debate about the value and longevity of the Spaces for People measures.

So with these uncertainties (and pending changes) I cannot say when will be best to remove these concrete blocks.

Within the issues above, I will monitor and keep pressure on council officers to take a decision to remove them on this as soon as possible – always with the knowledge that, whatever the other considerations are, they are ugly and undesirable.


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