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Enforcement of Planning guidelines
Neil DavidsonPostMarch 2, 2021, 15:44
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July 19, 2017, 22:43
Normal topicEnforcement of Planning guidelines

Enforcement of Planning in the Grange Conservation Area

I raised early in 2020 with Roger Kellett my concerns in respect of front window replacement (and also, I suspect, the installation of double glazing) in a semi-detached property in Blackford Road, for which neither an application for planning permission had been made, nor even notice of which had been given to the conjugated elderly neighbour; this raised a unanimous decision in your Planning Group to request that a Notice of Enforcement be issued

This request was sent, but it was refused by the Planning Department on the flimsy grounds that (only) "a member of the public" had complained, and that the property was well hidden from the road by foliage: it had of course to be only an initial single complaint because no public consultation had been made, and the foliage could all be ripped out in two hours at any moment now or in days or weeks to come (and is this in any case really an excuse in the first place?)

Having been refused, the request for enforcement was simply deleted from your web pages, leaving no trace of its existence

I had understood that this matter was agreed to be taken up with our councillors, requesting review by Planning, and, if necessary, further referral of the whole issue to the whole City Council itself - none of this has happened, and I understand that none of it is planned to happen

Having received many plaudits for raising the matter in the first place from multiple neighbours, I am both disappointed and disheartened now to find that this total disregard for, and flouting of, established Conservation Area planning guidelines - an Area set up years ago by the Grange Association itself - is being swept under the carpet in front of the parapet below which the Grange Association has ducked

I earnestly request that the Association reconsiders their lack of resolve, and firmly upholds the need for enforcement of the well-considered guidelines, at least to the extent of requiring an application for retrospective planning permission (which would allow all those who have spoken in support, and who now ask what they can do, to voice their opinions), if not for straight enforcement of published and agreed principles

Neil Davidson
02 March 2021

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