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Grange Helpers scheme paused from 1 August 2020

The Scottish Government has announced that it is ‘pausing’ shielding from 1 August.  It notes that the levels of infection in Scotland are now very low, which enables the Government to make that decision.

The Grange Association is therefore likewise ‘pausing’ the Grange Helpers’ scheme from 1 August.  We will stop reporting and monitoring the scheme from that date, standing down the Area Co-ordinators.  We know that many Helpers have developed good relationships with people they have been helping and, of course, it will be good if those relationships continue and assistance is given informally as required but this will not be part of the Helpers scheme arrangements from 1 August. 

We are ‘pausing’, rather than winding up, the Helpers scheme because we are aware of the risk that the virus could take hold again as we approach the winter months.  We therefore intend to maintain our database of Helpers such that we could contact you again in the event that we need to re-establish the scheme and provide new help in the winter.

Helpers should therefore continue to advise us of changes in your circumstances so that we can keep our records up to date.  We are aware that many people who volunteered in March have returned to work and their availability may now be different.   Please let us know if your availability or your contact details have changed, or if you no longer wish to be recorded as a Helper in our records.

Helping others in the Grange

We established the Helpers scheme in March 2020, at the start of the Coronavirus restrictions, when many were seeking ways to help others in the community. In the Grange Association, we have been offering to act as co-ordinators to connect those who are able to help with those who are isolated and need assistance or contact. This Grange Helpers scheme covers broadly the areas of postcodes EH9 and EH10 4_ .

Register if you can “offer some help” in the Grange

Although the scheme is currently paused, the system remains live for Helper registrations and you are welcome to register in case of a resurgence of the virus towards the winter months. We are validating those who register as “Grange Helpers” to protect against scammers and anyone who could seek to exploit others.

In the event that there is a resurgence of the virus and shielding is reinstated, we will restore the registration facility here for those in the Grange who are isolated and may require assistance.

To see how the process works, and the status and numbers of helpers, as well as guidance for helpers, see our Helpers’ page.

Spreading the word

Those who stay in the Grange use a wide range of communication methods, from WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and email to good old phone calls and notes through the letterbox.  We want to take advantage of all of these.  Please forward a link to this page to anyone you know in the Grange area who might be interested in registering as a helper, or who might need some help themselves in the event of a resurgence of the virus. 

Our preference is for people to sign up using our online forms above.  However, we have also produced this leaflet which you can download and print.  (It includes a sheet that can be printed double sided to be cut into two A5 leaflets for distribution.)  Please pass copies of this leaflet to any of your neighbours who are not equipped or comfortable to use email or web forms, to help us spread the word.  We have already distributed these leaflets to over 2,800 properties in the Grange.

We have included links to this Helpers scheme on the Mutual Aid Wiki, which includes a number of groups nearby.

Government advice

There is information available from the NHS Scotland website, concerning the Coronavirus (Covid-19), its symptoms and what to do if you have those symptoms, as well as guidance on how to avoid catching and spreading infections.

There is also up-to-date information about the number of cases in Scotland and its spread across the country from the Scottish Government website.

Keep watching the Grange Newsroom on our Forum for updates.