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Project proposals for 2021/22

The Grange Association expects to be in a position during the financial year 2021 to commit to some significant projects on behalf of its members.  These would be exceptional expenditure items, each of a few thousand pounds, that are not usually incurred in the normal activities of the Association. We could fund a number of projects, up to a total around £15,000.


The Committee has considered carefully what we could do to enhance our area consistent with the objectives of the Grange Association. We identified and prioritised four project proposals:

We would like our members to contribute ideas too and so you are asked to indicate your support or otherwise for each of the proposals.  Members are also encouraged to make other suggestions which they consider to be appropriate.

Please complete the form below or, if you prefer, download this offline form for emailing or for printing and return to the address on that form.

Completed forms must be received no later than 31 March 2021.

Please indicate below your support or reluctance for the Grange Association committing substantial expenditure to any of:
(leave blank or click ‘neutral’ if you have no strong feelings)

Cemetery restoration of major headstones and memorials

There are a number of notable taller monuments in the Grange Cemetery that require restoration and re-erection.  These major monuments require professional monumental stonemasons to perform the restoration.  

Separately, the City of Edinburgh Council, within the Community Payback Programme, has been supporting the Graveyard Project with its efforts to restore the more common size of gravestones. Its supervisory staff, having been trained to the appropriate standard, instruct and direct those on the Payback Programme and have rebuilt 227 head stones and prepared a further 19 foundations for other fallen monuments.   The expenditure now proposed is for up to three major memorials in the cemetery which are too large to be managed by the Payback Programme.  With the 227 headstones restored, the poor condition of the taller monuments is now more evident and worthy of investment in restoration.

Benches for seating on public footpaths

The Association can fund new metal benches to be placed on footways or in public grounds, by agreement with the Council.  The cost of purchase and installation is about £2,000 per bench.

Cemetery publications and materials to support an Open Day

The Cemetery group of the Grange Association has undertaken research on over 50 notable burials and has produced information on notice boards, leaflets and online.  Further investment would enable information to be procured to support research and documentation of more notable burials, and materials for signage and documentation for an Open Day.

Professional update and republication of Memories of the Grange

In 2003, to mark the 25th anniversary of the Grange Association’s constitution, a grant from the City of Edinburgh Council’s South Local Development Committee enabled the compilation of the “Memories of the Grange”.  This is a collection of records of life and work in the Grange.  Its principal compiler was Elsa Hendry who died in 2003.  Her work was completed and edited by Jon Oberlander, Judith Reeves and Sheila Reid and remains available for download from the History section of our online Library.

It would be timely to update and augment this collection of memories, ideally in time for the golden jubilee of the Association’s predecessor, the East Grange Association, founded in 1974.   Funding would enable professional research, writing, editing and publishing, both online and in hard copy.