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Tree work applications 2020

Last updated 06/04/2020

The table below shows all applications for work on trees in the Grange Conservation Area (TCO) and applications for work on trees that are subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) anywhere in the Grange Association area, for which the initial application was made in 2020. TCO applicants are required to give six weeks' notice of works, during which time the Council can decide to make a TPO. In the absence of a response before the TCO determination deadline, the works may proceed thereafter. More information about the application process is available from our planning guidance page.

Full details of each application can be accessed through the Council's planning portal by clicking on the reference number in the left hand column of the table below.

Click on the column heading to sort the table by that column (ascending order); click it again for descending order. (Default order - Application validated; date descending)

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Application validated Status

'Decision issued'
'TCO determination deadline'
GA Action
20/00997/TCO Mature Silver Birch in front garden over street. - Remove. 17 St Catherine's Place EH9 1NU 28 Feb 2020 Not make a TPO 18 Mar 2020
20/01242/TCO Prunus sargentii x 3 - Reduce 2 trees overall by 20%, thin and deadwood. Remove completely 1 failing tree. 4A Mansionhouse Road EH9 1TZ 12 Mar 2020 Awaiting Assessment 22 Apr 2020
20/00125/TCO Very large multi-stemmed Cypress tree - Section fell 1 x very large multi-stemmed Cypress tree. Flat 1 33 Blackford Road EH9 2DT 13 Jan 2020 Not make a TPO 10 Feb 2020
20/01320/TCO 2 Mature multi Lawson Cypresses on east boundary near SE corner of building remove. Plant 2 trees with suitable replacement species. Flat 1 33 Blackford Road EH9 2DT 18 Mar 2020 Awaiting Assessment 28 Apr 2020
20/00318/TPO 1 Weeping Elm, 1 Large leafed Lime, 1 small leafed Lime, 1 Chusan palm and 14 Sycamore - tree removal, crown reduction and crown thinning. TPO
18B Lauder Road
(Northwood House)
EH9 2EL 23 Jan 2020 Awaiting Assessment Comment
20/01079/TCO Sycamore Tree - Full Removal 2 Whitehouse Terrace EH9 2EU 04 Mar 2020 Awaiting Assessment 14 Apr 2020 Email
20/01308/TCO 2 acacias - "To remove cepressed tree and other dying". 2 Oswald Road EH9 2HF 16 Mar 2020 Awaiting Assessment (no documents) 24 Apr 2020
20/00925/TCO Wind blown mature Corsican Pine on west boundary with most of crown overhanging development below. - Remove. Flat 4, 91 South Oswald Road EH9 2HH 25 Feb 2020 Not make a TPO 16 Mar 2020
20/00999/TCO Lawson Cypress (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana) hedged at 4m (Location ref A1761) - Fell, Small conifer leaning at 60 degrees between 1770 & 1768; - Fell, Small Conifer at SW corner of large bed in central garden (too small to be numbered). - Fell, Prunus 'Kanzan' (Prunus 'Kanzan') A1774 - Reduce crown, Prunus 'Kanzan' (Prunus 'Kanzan') A1775 - Reduce crown 1 Oswald Court EH9 2HY 28 Feb 2020 Not make a TPO 18 Mar 2020
20/00513/TCO Mature Ash in rear garden rear left hand corner - Remove major deadwood; Leaning dead Pear tree in rear garden rear left hand corner - Remove; Mature Lime (front gdn) Crown lift to 5m specifically removing 2 low branches over driveway/entrance - Remove basal epicormics & check for decay.Reduce crown height by 2-3m & shape.Remove major deadwood. 16 Findhorn Place EH9 2JP 03 Feb 2020 Not make a TPO 26 Feb 2020
20/00642/TCO 3 semi mature Lime trees. - Located in rear garden close to the Eastern boundary wall. - Complete removal due to excessive overhang of carpark at Kittle Yards and close proximity to wall. 24 Findhorn Place EH9 2JP 11 Feb 2020 Deadline passed without response 23 Mar 2020
20/00746/TCO A lime tree close to the front of 12A Cumin Place. 12A Cumin Place EH9 2JX 17 Feb 2020 Not make a TPO 18 Mar 2020
20/00319/TPO Beech tree - prune upto max 4 metres off ground level. TPO
11 Wyvern Park EH9 2JY 23 Jan 2020 Granted 16 Mar 2020
20/00376/TCO Medium sized cherry tree. On southern border of garden. - Remove tree, Multi-headed leylandii on north west of garden: about 2 metres east of street. - Cut down one head of leylandii. Others will be present. 2F 18 Grange Terrace EH9 2LD 27 Jan 2020 Not make a TPO 26 Feb 2020
20/00652/TCO Cherry - 10m high with a trunk diameter of 55cms. - To cut to stump 44 Findhorn Place EH9 2NT 11 Feb 2020 Not make a TPO 03 Mar 2020
20/01057/TCO Mature Silver Birch in front garden overhanging street. Remove tree. - Pushing low stone wall with railings by the street and situation will get worse if tree retained. 24 Dalrymple Crescent EH9 2NX 03 Mar 2020 Not make a TPO 18 Mar 2020 Email
20/00637/TCO Sycamore with ustuline - Dismantle, Eucalyptus pollard at drive - Reduce by 40%, Cherry trees aroun d property - lift off road/street lamps, and routine prune.

(Not in Conservation Area - TCO not required)
64 St Alban's Road EH9 2PG 11 Feb 2020 Not make a TPO 16 Mar 2020
20/00321/TCO Sycamore by boundary wall with Canaan Lane - Remove, two young pine trees to left of house in parking area - remove. 92 Newbattle Terrace EH10 4SE 23 Jan 2020 Not make a TPO 17 Feb 2020