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Tree work applications 2019

Last updated 22/05/2019

This page shows all applications for work on trees in the Grange Conservation Area (TCO) and applications for work on trees that are subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) anywhere in the Grange Association area, for which the initial application was made in 2019.

Full details can be accessed through the Council’s planning portal by clicking on the reference number in the left hand column.

Other tables show the tree applications made: from March 2017 to December 2018; and for previous years.

Planning applications made in 2019 are accessible here.

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Application validated Status

Decision issued date GA Action
19/01735/TCO Tag 716 Pissards Plum: Branches encroaching on telephone lines. Prune branches near the telephone lines to give 2m vertical and 0.3m horizontal clearance. 2F, 16 Chalmers Crescent EH9 1TS 09 Apr 2019 Not make a TPO 17 Apr 2019
19/01598/TCO See attachment ‘Salisbury report’.
[Silver birch: Tag 714; Dia 400mm;
Remove one moderate branch broken over the road and pavement at [NW]. Reduce or remove some small branches to NW to give 1m clearance from the street lamp.]
Flat 1, 2 Mansionhouse Road EH9 1TZ 29 Mar 2019 Not make a TPO 29 Mar 2019
19/01506/TCO Small Prunus avium – 30% crown reduction and thin, Small Sorbus aucupuria – 30% crown reduction and thin. 11B Grange Road EH9 1UQ 25 Mar 2019 Not make a TPO 26 Mar 2019
19/01471/TCO Early mature Lawson Cypress on driveway of nos. 13 & 13B. – Remove. Appears to be cracking boundary wall with no.15 and has large growth potential. 13 Grange Road EH9 1UQ 21 Mar 2019 Not make a TPO 21 Mar 2019
19/01067/TCO Semi mature Birch tree … at the South West corner of the front garden…. – Fell in sections to ground level and grind stump to 300mm below ground level. 29 Grange Road EH9 1UQ 04 Mar 2019 Not make a TPO 07 Mar 2019
19/02270/TCO Cherry x4 – end load and routine prune lower limbs. Flat 1 2 Strathearn Road EH9 2AH 13 May 2019 Not make a TPO 16 May 2019
19/02061/TCO To undertake tree works in the back garden. [Removal of one Eucalyptus tree against back wall.] 13 Hope Terrace EH9 2AP 29 Apr 2019 Not make a TPO 01 May 2019
19/00875/TCO Remove mature Walnut in NW corner of front garden. Appears to be cracking boundary wall. – Positioned within 150mm of boundary wall. Appears to be lifting surface of path of no. 29. GF 31 Blackford Road EH9 2DT 21 Feb 2019 Not make a TPO 22 Feb 2019
19/00972/TCO Mature silver birch at 81 Grange Loan which overhangs the driveway at 83 Grange Loan – Removal of lowest branch overhanging driveway over 83 Grange Loan. 83 Grange Loan EH9 2EG 27 Feb 2019 Not make a TPO 28 Feb 2019
19/01555/TPO East Boundary – Corsican Pine in Astley Ainslie – Reduce spread over applicant’s garden by 1-2m for both branch over lawn & branch over road., East boundary – Yew in Astley Ainslie – Reduce spread over applicants garden by 1m, West boundary – Lime at NW belonging to applicant – Remove major deadwood & check primary branch unions & primary branches for safety, West boundary – uppermost Lime in Astley Ainslie – Crown lift to 5m over applicants driveway. TPO -147 137 Grange Loan EH9 2HB 27 Mar 2019 Awaiting Assessment (no documents)
19/01734/TCO See attachment ‘Oswald schedule’.
[Poplar (tag 790, dia. 600mm): Install dynamic bracing at around [1.6m] between the three stems; White Willow (tag 791, dia. 300mm): Remove the deadwood above the path; Poplar (tag 792, dia. 800mm) Sonic tomograph inspection of the stem around 1.5m, 2m and 2.5m.]
1 Oswald Road EH9 2HE 09 Apr 2019 Not make a TPO 17 Apr 2019
19/00100/TPO 7 trees. Cypress, Lime x 3, Oak, Beech and Sycamore. See work proposal document. TPO – 50 Flat 7 75C South Oswald Road EH9 2HH 11 Jan 2019 Granted 08 Feb 2019
19/00109/TCO Yew – 8m high with trunk diameter of 50cms. – To dismantle to stump. Flat 1 85 South Oswald Road EH9 2HH 11 Jan 2019 Not make a TPO 14 Feb 2019
19/00704/TCO Eucalyptus tree – light crown reduction as shown to reduce impact on neighbouring house and contain growth. 28 Mortonhall Road EH9 2HN 13 Feb 2019 Not make a TPO 13 Feb 2019
19/00402/TCO Lime tree to rear of back garden over boundary wall – Prune branches hitting main phone line between telegraph poles in neighbours garden. Laurel tree in back garden – Remove one bough growing against and over stone party wall; Wall has cracked under pressure. Apple tree in back garden – Remove 2 boughs growing against stone party wall to avoid future damage to wall. 17 South Oswald Road EH9 2HQ 30 Jan 2019 Not make a TPO 31 Jan 2019
19/01740/TCO Hollow elm – spindle elm with large cavity at car park, dismantle. Birch – diseased/dead dismantle. Sycamore – suppressed, remove to benefit other trees. Flat 1, 27 Mortonhall Road EH9 2HS 08 Apr 2019 Not make a TPO 29 Apr 2019
19/00227/TCO All trees on boundary walls – Thin and lift from roadside, failing [hawthorn] – dismantle, elm (damaged by residents) – dismantle. Flat 2 27 Mortonhall Road EH9 2HS 21 Jan 2019 Not make a TPO 22 Jan 2019
19/00669/TPO Atlantic Cedar over Oswald Rd to east of the Dun-ard Garden entrance over double yellow lines – Crown lift to 5.5m over the street, Lime on corner of Oswald Road & Kilgraston Road – Crown lift to 5.5m over street junction over double yellow lines, Birch opposite Kilgraston Road bus stop – Remove 1 low branch over footway, Norway Maple over near Kilgraston Road near Grange Road corner – Crown lift to 5.5m over the street – over double yellow lines TPO – 84 Flat 2
4 Dun-Ard Garden
EH9 2HZ 12 Feb 2019 Granted 18 Feb 2019
19/01631/TCO Mature Lawson Cypress by front hand corner of house, on east boundary – Remove. Growing too close to house & roots growing around house & drain. 49 Dick Place EH9 2JA 02 Apr 2019 Not make a TPO 02 Apr 2019
19/02237/TCO 1) Mature copper beech on LH rear boundary: Crown lift to 5m; reduce crown spread to south by 2-3m and over lawn by 2-3m;
2) Gean at LH corner by rear shed: Sever ivy at base;
3) Post mature Gean at RH rear corner; Remove
4) Copper beech in front garden; Crown lift to 3.5m above driveway and reduce spread towards house by ~2m.
59 Dick Place EH9 2JA 13 May 2019 Not make a TPO 16 May 2019
19/01736/TPO Tag 797 Sycamore: Reduced vigour. Exposed branch at 4E with large wound 2m from the stem. Remove the exposed branch at 4E. TPO – 98 28B Dick Place EH9 2JB 09 Apr 2019 Awaiting Assessment
19/01789/TCO Mature Beech – reduce crown by 30%. Wild Cherry located at rear boundary of property – reduce crown by 30% to slow root growth as it is close to rear boundary wall. 28 Mansionhouse Road EH9 2JD 10 Apr 2019 Not make a TPO 29 Apr 2019 E-mail
19/02268/TCO Cotoneaster – dismantle, cotoneaster – Reduce by 20%. 26 Lauder Road EH9 2JF 13 May 2019 Awaiting decision
19/01097/TCO Mature Lime over street. Check all primary branch unions for stability and decay. Remove deadwood,trim wind-snapped splits and snags. Crown lift to 5m (mainly epicormics). Greengage closest to Lime – Remove upper branch system which appears to be mostly dead. Apple tree – Remove a few adventitious top sprouts. Neighbour’s Gean – Reduce remaining upper crown back from applicant’s garden by 1-2m. – Remove(target prune to bole) couple of low branches over applicant’s garden with stub cut ends. 30 Lauder Road EH9 2JF 04 Mar 2019 Not make a TPO 05 Mar 2019
19/01724/TCO Sycamore and Goat Willow – Trim growth from the top of two large trees. 19 Lauder Road EH9 2JG 08 Apr 2019 Not make a TPO 17 Apr 2019
19/00368/TCO Large lime tree – removal. Make a TPO 29 Lauder Road EH9 2JG 29 Jan 2019 Make a TPO 07 Feb 2019 TPO requested
19/00163/TCO Cotoneaster, small Laburnum, ornamental Pyrus and Conifer – Cotoneaster and Laburnum removal, Pruning of Pyrus and Conifer. 31 Lauder Road EH9 2JG 16 Jan 2019 Not make a TPO 17 Jan 2019
19/00260/TCO Silver birch & 3 cherry trees – removal of the tree. 33 Lauder Road EH9 2JG 23 Jan 2019 Not make a TPO 24 Jan 2019
19/00073/TCO Large, old cherry tree. – We wish to remove a branch embedded in a coping stone of the party wall before it is compromised. 24 Dick Place EH9 2JJ 10 Jan 2019 Not make a TPO 10 Jan 2019
19/00739/TCO Acer Deborah – Full Removal 21 Dick Place EH9 2JU 14 Feb 2019 Not make a TPO 15 Feb 2019
19/01072/TCO Silver birch tree…in back garden and [which] borders neighbour’s wall [and] back garden on Dick Place – Remove to trunk to enable regrowth. 18 Cumin Place EH9 2JX 04 Mar 2019 Not make a TPO 05 Mar 2019
19/00429/TPO Crimean pine tag no. 193. Pruning works as per attached tree survey report dated 16/11/2018,. – Manual de-compaction the rooting zone – manual forking to a depth of 25cm away from structural roots TPO – 44 Flat 1, 1 Wyvern Park EH9 2JY 31 Jan 2019 Refused 12 Mar 2019
19/02350/TCO Post mature sycamore at centre of front garden. Remove dead / dying branches throughout crown. Showing deteriorating crown condition with scattered dead branches throughout. 19 St Thomas Road EH9 2LR 16 May 2019 Not make a TPO 17 May 2019
19/02260/TCO Sycamore Tree – 30% reduction, Lime Tree – 30% reduction, Lime Tree – 30% reduction, Lime Tree – 30% reduction. 13 Dalrymple Crescent EH9 2NX 13 May 2019 Not make a TPO 16 May 2019 E-mail
19/00938/TCO Evergreen – Full Removal. 21 Dalrymple Crescent EH9 2NX 27 Feb 2019 Not make a TPO 28 Feb 2019