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Planning Applications 2020

Last updated 18/02/2020

The table below enables searching and sorting of all applications for planning permission (FUL), listed building consent (LBC), and certificates of lawfulness (CLP/CLE) in the Grange Association area, for which the initial application was made in 2020 (i.e. reference 20/....). It includes earlier applications which remain unresolved, so that all unresolved applications can be viewed and sorted in this single table.

Full details and drawings can be accessed through the Council's planning portal by clicking on the reference number in the left hand column (opens in new tab).

Grange Association letters of comment sent to the Council, as well as comments posted on our forum, can be seen by clicking on the entry in the right hand column (opens in new tab).

Click on the column heading to sort the table by that column (ascending order); click it again for descending order. (Default order - Application validated; date descending)

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Application validated Last date for comments Status

Decision issued date GA Action
20/00440/LBC Replace cladding to [] extension and increase internal opening to extension. [The] extension is to be retained and the footprint remains unaltered.
B listed
19/05630/FUL relates.
47 Lauder Road EH9 1UE 30 Jan 2020 06 Mar 2020 Awaiting Assessment
18/10070/VARY Non-material variation to planning consent 18/10070/FUL to add additional bedroom accommodation at attic level to new dwelling house [and new] conservation rooflights. 42 Grange Road EH9 1UN 31 Dec 2019 Variation - not for comment Awaiting Assessment Forum thread
19/06098/FUL To form a private dwelling house. 5B Hope Terrace EH9 2AP 20 Dec 2019 14 Feb 2020 Awaiting Assessment Objection

Forum thread
19/04857/FUL Proposed fencings. Astley Ainslie Hospital
143 Grange Loan
EH9 2HL 10 Oct 2019 15 Nov 2019 Refused

Review available until 03 Mar 2020
04 Dec 2019
19/05690/FUL Alterations to existing dwelling house to raise height of central flat roof, form new extension and new dormer to rear, replace existing windows, widen existing vehicle entrance and form new vehicle entrance and driveway. 39 Dick Place EH9 2JA 29 Nov 2019 10 Jan 2020 Awaiting Assessment Objection
19/04610/FUL Proposed alterations [and] extension, and removal of damaged Ash tree. 4 Seton Place EH9 2JT 26 Sep 2019 15 Nov 2019 Awaiting Assessment Objection
20/00018/LBC Replace rooflight, replace windows and alter internally.
C listed
2F 8 Grange Terrace EH9 2LD 09 Jan 2020 14 Feb 2020 Granted 17 Feb 2020
20/00467/FUL Remove sash and case and reduce masonry to allow installation of French doors; access steps to garden and from shared access.
C listed - LBC application awaited.
30A Fountainhall Road EH9 2LW 31 Jan 2020 06 Mar 2020 Awaiting Assessment
19/04789/CLE Art studio which is 8.0m x 4.2m and no more than 3.0m in elevation. In back garden. 9 Relugas Road EH9 2NE 17 Oct 2019 CLE - not for comment Refused

Appeal available until 18 Mar 2020
19 Dec 2019 Objection