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Planning Applications 2018

Last updated 18/07/2018  Grange Association letters of comment sent to the Council can be seen by clicking on the entry in the right hand column.

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Description – Click the description for link to application Reference Address Postcode Date of Application  Status Objection Deadline GA Action
Take down the existing brick garage and timber shed. Erect zinc clad garden store and storage wall. 18/03585/FUL
3 Chalmers Crescent EH9 1TW 10 Jul 2018 Awaiting Assessment 10 Aug 2018
Formation of rear dormer window and velux rooflights to front, side and rear elevations. 18/03184/FUL 23 St Thomas Road  EH9 2LY 28 Jun 2018 Awaiting Assessment 30 Jul 2018
Internal alterations to remove wall and chimney breast on ground floor and form en-suite on first floor. 18/02774/LBC 60 Grange Road EH9 1TT 15 Jun 2018 Awaiting Assessment 20 Jul 2018
New rear extension to existing property and associated internal alterations; Alter west timber fence to form new gates to match existing fence and new bin storage area in front garden and new shed in rear garden. 18/02588/FUL 7 Grange Loan Gardens EH9 2EB 11 Jun 2018 Awaiting Assessment 20 Jul 2018 Object
To replace the unsafe original cupola above the bathroom with a modern korniche glass lantern rooflight which will improve safety and reduce heat loss from the property. The new cupola will be similar in appearance to the existing one. 18/02577/CLP 45C Fountainhall Road EH9 2LN 15 Jun 2018 Awaiting Assessment CLP – not for comment
Demolish existing garage and erect new single storey side extension; Alter existing side and rear windows and doors with new decking area. 18/02468/FUL 16 Mortonhall Road EH9 2HW 05 Jun 2018 Granted
06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018
Alterations to convert roofspace to habitable accommodation and install rooflights 18/02273/CLP 21 Tantallon Place EH9 1NZ 21 May 2018 CLP granted
05 Jun 2018
CLP – not for comment
Installation of new solar panels on the existing flat roof, for generating hot water and electricity. 18/02146/FUL 2 – 6 South Oswald Road
(St Raphael’s)
EH9 2HG 24 May 2018 Granted
17 Jul 2018
22 Jun 2018
Addition of guttering to the flatroof above the balcony in order to prevent further deterioration of the window frame and the stonework. 18/02163/CLP 62C St Alban’s Road EH9 2LX 18 May 2018 CLP granted
13 Jun 2018
CLP – not for comment
Create opening in the east wall of the living room with doors to match the existing, create new arched opening between kitchen and the hall. Add fully reversible door within the existing arched opening and between kitchen and entrance. Open up 3 windows to the basement on the west elevation. Construct a timber extension, with zinc roof to the east elevation. Add new wrought iron railings to match original to front garden wall and re-instate sash and case windows to east elevation. 18/02168/LBC 26 Mansionhouse Road EH9 2JD 15 May 2018 Awaiting Assessment 15 Jun 2018
Alterations to existing dwelling house to include new two storey side extension and 2 new single storey extensions to the rear of property. Internal changes to include additional bathrooms and one additional bedroom. 18/02174/FUL 31 Canaan Lane EH10 4SX 15 May 2018 Awaiting Assessment 15 Jun 2018 Object
Removal and replacement of main fuse/Cable Head in common area. Installation of new distribution unit on common area. Removal of existing containment system in common area. Installation of new containment to SP Energy Networks specification (Galvanised Steel Trunking). 18/01933/LBC 1F 15 Strathearn Road EH9 2AE 09 May 2018 Awaiting Assessment 08 Jun 2018
Internal alterations to listed building, window replacements and alterations, new entrance gate, post and canopy. 18/01973/LBC 9C Palmerston Road EH9 1TL 04 May 2018 LBC granted
28 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018
Erection of car port, removal of tree and all associated works. 18/02057/LBC
8 Whitehouse Terrace EH9 2EU 09 May 2018 Granted
13 Jul 2018
08 Jun 2018
Demolish existing carport and widen and increase the driveway entrance width and area of hard standing. 18/01690/FUL 37 Dick Place EH9 2JA 26 Apr 2018 Granted
14 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 Object
Internal alterations to form new kitchen/dining/family room and new shower room. New window and door to external wall. Swap bathroom and bedroom. 18/01975/LBC 1 Kilgraston Road EH9 2DW 04 May 2018 Awaiting Assessment 08 Jun 2018
To remove existing conservatory and erect a single storey extension 18/01864/LBC


 8 Mortonhall Road EH9 2HW  27 Apr 2018
04 May 2018
18 Jul 2018
01 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018
Demolition of rear extension and erect new contemporary extension with existing stone re-used and proposed full height glazing to rear. 18/01839/FUL
 3A Chalmers Crescent EH9 1TW  26 Apr 2018 Granted
09 Jul 2018
01 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 (LBC)
Extend garage and create a lobby, block up 2 windows with stone to match existing as per previous planning consent 06/03070/FUL & 06/03041/LBC. 18/02062/FUL
3A Chalmers Crescent EH9 1TW 09 May 2018 Granted
12 Jul 2018
08 Jun 2018
Internal alterations to existing 2nd floor with new roof lights to front and side elevations and new dormer window to rear elevation. 18/01776/FUL 124 Findhorn Place EH9 2PB 24 Apr 2018 Granted
05 Jun 2018
01 Jun 2018
Replacement of obsolete uPVC tilt and turn windows with high performance upvc tilt and turn window units, colour to match existing. Overhaul and upgrade of single glazed timber sash and case windows, with Slimline double glazing. 18/02075/CLP 2 Mansionhouse Road EH9 1TZ 10 May 2018 Refused
12 Jul 2018
CLP – not for comment
Proposed erection of an open woodshed and a garden greenhouse. 18/01691/FUL 9 Relugas Road EH9 2NE 25 Apr 2018 Refused
22 Jun 2018
25 May 2018
Replacement of existing extension with new rear extension. 18/01029/FUL
GF 18 Grange Terrace EH9 2LD 16 Apr 2018 Refused
18 Jun 2018
25 May 2018
Non-material variation – swap stone & rendered walls by having stone to the Rear of the extension and render on the gable. No changes proposed to the footprint, height or massing. 17/05582/VARY 35 Lauder Road EH9 2JG 30 Apr 2018 Permission has been varied
31 May 2018
21 May 2018
Single storey extension to rear of property 18/01618/FUL 22A Findhorn Place EH9 2JP 13 Apr 2018 Granted
22 Jun 2018
18 May 2018  Object
Demolition of single storey rear outshots and erect a single storey extension with partial lower ground floor to rear 18/01567/FUL 1F 18 Grange Terrace EH9 2LD 11 Apr 2018 Withdrawn
24 Apr 2018
11 May 2018
Internal alterations to form WC, reconfigure kitchen and enlarge hall storage, including services terminations to rear  18/01342/LBC 1F 12 Grange Terrace EH9 2LD  28 Mar 2018 Granted
28 May 2018
04 May 2018
Attic conversion with new roof windows to front and rear.  18/01266/FUL 25A Grange Loan EH9 2ER  26 Mar 2018 Granted
10 May 2018
04 May 2018
Erection of metal fence in front garden 18/01265/FUL 62A St Alban’s Road EH9 2LX 26 Mar 2018 Granted
10 May 2018
04 May 2018
Internal alterations and installation of new conservation rooflights 18/01032/FUL 83 Grange Loan EH9 2EG 28 Mar 2018 Granted
16 May 2018
18 Apr 2018
Extension and internal alterations to existing house. 18/01228/FUL 15 St Alban’s Road EH9 2LT  22 Mar 2018 Granted
18 Apr 2018
16 Apr 2018  Object
Removal of existing garage door and installation of a timber and glazed screen in order to allow conversion of the existing unused garage into a 3rd bedroom. Installation of 2no. additional rooflights to South facing roof slope. 18/01134/FUL 12 Grange Court EH9 1PX 16 Mar 2018 Granted
13 Apr 2018
20 Apr 2018
Lower floor in part of basement and erect single storey extension to rear. 18/01094/FUL 14A Dick Place EH9 2JL 21 Mar 2018 Granted
18 Apr 2018
20 Apr 2018
Proposed removal of redundant chimney stack and make good roof following removal.  18/01035/CLP Flat 2
6 Dalrymple Crescent
EH9 2NU 12 Mar 2018 CLP granted
10 Apr 2018
02 Apr 2018
Remove garage; remove existing extensions to north and west; form new extension to north and west remove conifers from front garden; carry out internal alterations. 18/01003/FUL 7 Cumin Place EH9 2JX 08 Mar 2018 Granted
16 Apr 2018
13 Apr 2018
Replace existing single glazing (glass only, frames to be retained where possible), with slimline double glazing, overhaul existing windows. Install mechanical fan to existing laundry room, ducted internally to existing system. 18/00774/LBC 18 Lauder Road
(Viewpoint Housing)
EH9 2EL 20 Feb 2018 Awaiting Assessment 30 Mar 2018
To construct a wooden logstore with attached bike shed. 18/00360/FUL 2A Mortonhall Road EH9 2HW 26 Jan 2018 Granted
13 Apr 2018
30 Mar 2018
Convert attic, create new dwelling & alter existing flat.              17/05518/FUL 3F1 14 Fountainhall Road  EH9 2NN 9 Jan 2018 Granted
28 May 2018
8 Mar 2018
Non-material variation.              17/01602/VARY 19 Palmerston Road  EH9 1TL 21 Feb 2018 Permission has been varied
03 Apr 2018
14 Mar 2018
All windows to ground floor property 130 grange loan to be removed and replaced with slimlite sash and case timber units to the profiles noted.              18/00583/FUL 130 Grange Loan EH9 2EF 19 Feb 2018 Granted
13 Mar 2018
16 Mar 2018
Extension to dwelling house.              18/00627/FUL 22 Tantallon Place EH9 1NZ 12 Feb 2018 Granted
03 Apr 2018
16 Mar 2018 Object 
Proposed works include demolition of 2 no. rear extensions to allow for formation of 1 no. two storey extension on west elevation, and 1 no. single storey extension on east elevation. Internal alterations include minor demolitions. The existing garage to be modified to form new garage door opening to south, and formation of gym to the rear of this space. External works include removal of low stone walls and steps to be replaced with landscaping.              18/00573/FUL 18/00574/LBC 18/00572/CON 2 Oswald Road EH9 2HF 7 Feb 2018 Withdrawn
09 May 2018
16 Mar 2018
Alter the internal walls and door openings to improve the links between the living areas of this converted flat.              18/00537/LBC 11 Grange Terrace EH9 2LD 6 Feb 2018 LBC Granted
06 Apr 2018
16 Mar 2018
Extend the existing rear outshot kitchen to create a more useful larger kitchen/ dining room. Proposed internal alterations will create a second bedroom and larger bathroom to the centre of the property. Proposed materials for the outshot extension include larch timber cladding to provide a natural uniform light grey weathering and a small area of sedum roof. Dark framed aluminium/wood doors/ windows and roof lights are also proposed.              18/00481/FUL
GF 3 Palmerston Road  EH9 1TL 5 Feb 2018 Granted
21 Jun 2018
30 Mar 2018
The installation of two ventillation outlets, one to the roof and one to the wall.              18/00475/LBC 38A Dick Place EH9 2JB 2 Feb 2018 Permission is not required 16 Mar 2018
 Alterations to vehicular entrance and boundary wall. Replace gates and garage door.              18/00297/FUL 4 Lauder Road  EH9 2EL 23 Jan 2018 Granted
07 Mar 2018
9 Mar 2018
Combine two residential properties (46 & [BF2], 50 Sciennes) into one residential property. Block off existing common stair access and replace existing windows.              18/00183/CLP 46 & BF2 50 Sciennes EH9 1NL 30 Jan 2018 CLP Granted
06 Apr 2018
20 Feb 2018
Alterations to flat to form french doors on rear elevation, remove door & build up opening to form new window on rear elevation and re-position cill on side elevation to accomodate new kitchen units.              18/00136/LBC 9 Palmerston Road EH9 1TL 10 Jan 2018 LBC Granted
27 Mar 2018
2 Mar 2018
 Alterations to existing garage.              18/00080/FUL 13 Oswald Road  EH9 2HE 30 Jan 2018 Granted
07 Mar 2018
2 Mar 2018
Replacement of original aluminium framed single glazed window units of stair landing windows front and back, on the first and second floors at the front and rear of all 5 Blocks of flats at Grange Manor, 7,9 11,13 and 15 South Oswald Road, Edinburgh EH9 2HQ. The windows will maintain the existing profile and will be aluminium. The existing marine ply painted cladding will be replaced with PVC fascias,their slate grey finish will match the existing grey slate fascias of the existing cladding.              18/00078/CLP 7 – 15 South Oswald Road EH9 2HQ 23 Jan 2018 Granted
13 Feb 2018
13 Feb 2018
Erection of a Single Storey Fully Accessible Dwellinghouse. 17/05161/FUL
42 Grange Road EH9 1UN 30 Dec 2017 Refused
22 Mar 2018
Refusal upheld on review by LRB
9 Mar 2018 Comment
Construction of first floor extension and amendments to rear elevation fenestration. Removal of UPVC vestibule. 17/05340/FUL 149 Whitehouse Loan EH9 2EY 16 Nov 2017 Granted
27 Feb 2018
23 Feb 2018  Object
Extension to rear of property. Extend north western wing to front. Demolish existing lean-to shed. Internal alterations. 17/06051/FUL 13 Lauder Road EH9 2EN 22 Dec 2017 Granted
28 May 2018
16 Feb 2018 Object
Proposed new 2 storey private dwelling house. Removal of Pine Tree and Cypress Tree. 17/06025/AMC 5B Hope Terrace EH9 2AP 21 Dec 2017 Withdrawn
13 Jun 2018
16 Feb 2018 Object
New front porch.              17/05850/FUL
10 Relugas Place  EH9 2PY 13 Dec 2017 Refused
06 Feb 2018
Refusal overturned on review by LRB
23 May 2018
 01 Feb 2018
Removal of a existing shed and construct new shed on same footprint. Childrens’ Tree house platform 17/05586/FUL 9 Relugas Road EH9 2NE 30 Nov 2017 Mixed decision
09 Mar 2018
Treehouse refused
16 Feb 2018
Proposed garage extension. 17/05582/FUL 35 Lauder Road EH9 2JG 1 Nov 2017 Granted 2 Feb 2018
Form new opening from existing kitchen to garden on south (rear) elevation. Opening is located on main floor of property, emerging at 1st floor on rear elevation. New opening to be faced in squared & sneaked sandstone to match existing quoins & string courses. Opening to contain painted hardwood french doors & fanlight above, with conservation-profile mullions, architrave to match adjacent sash/case windows. External face to be finished with wrought-iron juliette balustrade overlooking garden. 17/05620/FUL & 17/05621/LBC 3 Blackford Road EH9 2DT 1 Dec 2017 Refused 26 Jan 2018
Relocate kitchen to lower ground floor, form new doors to garden, lower new kitchen/dining floor level, reinstate fireplace and panelling in new living room and create new internal doors. 17/05605/FUL & 17/05606/LBC 9 Glenisla Gardens EH9 2HR 30 Nov 2017 Granted 26 Jan 2018
Alter and extend existing single storey outshoot and alter width of access gate. 17/05507/FUL 8 Tantallon Place EH9 1NZ 27 Nov 2017 Granted 26 Jan 2018
The proposal is to alter the existing entrance at the rear of the property creating a primary entrance with a doorway facing directly towards the driveway and Strathearn Road. The current door faces West towards the neighbouring property and its location is not obvious. It is intended that this becomes the principal entrance to the property as it is will open directly onto the driveway and garage curtilage in daily use by the owners and guests. 17/05251/FUL 5B Hope Terrace  EH9 2AP 14 Nov 2017 Granted 12 Jan 2018
Internal alterations to bathroom in rear first floor extension, remove two rear windows, install a roof light and replace the original windows with timber double glazed sash and case to match original windows throughout. Advised permitted development/non development 18.10.17 17/04982/CLP 15 Findhorn Place  EH9 2JR 26 Oct 2017 Granted 28 Nov 2017
Conversion of an existing integrated garage into a study within the shared courtyard of 25 Findhorn Place. Existing garage door replaced by a bespoke glazed screen (Velfac or similar) with a single door entry. No connection is proposed between the office and the main house. 17/05232/FUL 25 Findhorn Place EH9 2NT 13 Nov 2017 Not development 29 Dec 2017
Free standing timber garden workshop to be erected in the rear garden. – 15 Eden Lane Edinburgh EH10 4SD 17/05117/FUL 15 Eden Lane EH10 4SD 3 Nov 2017 Granted 29 Dec 2017
Extend kitchen at garden level to create a larger open plan kitchen / dining space with renewed windows and doors, new utility and boot room with small shower keeping original layout. Move existing WC into the small room behind to form new bathroom, and coat cupboard. 17/05262/FUL & 17/05263/LBC 8 Grange Road EH9 1UH 14 Nov 2017 LBC refused

FUL granted

22 Dec 2017 Object
Remove garage and rear offshoot. Construct new garage and extension. 17/05254/FUL & 17/05255/LBC 42 Lauder Road   EH9 1UE 14 Nov 2017 Modified and granted 22 Dec 2017 Object
Replacement of aluminium window units with uPVC window units (colour change to Chartwell Green, RAL 6021, white internal finish). In addition, add further three window units to proposed works.  17/05148/CLP St Raphael’s Nursing Home EH9 2HG 6 Nov 2017 Granted 27 Nov 2017
Installation of 4No. antennas and 4No. cabinets (2No. 600x483x1485mm; 1No. 600x600x1500mm; 1No. 655x255x1025mm) with swap out of existing louvres for GRP replicas and all ancillary development. 17/05112/FUL & 17/05114/LBC Marchmont St Giles Church  EH9 2DW 3 Nov 2017 Granted 22 Dec 2017
Single storey, flat roofed kitchen extension to east of 172 Whitehouse Loan. Extension to use materials to match existing property. Introduction of new service door to east elevation to serve garage. Remove second floor balcony by pulling existing glazing forward (as amended). 17/05035/FUL 172 Whitehouse Loan EH9 2EZ 31 Oct 2017 Granted
12 Mar 2018
08 Dec 2017
Install slate vents to existing slate pitched roof. 17/04851/LBC 2A Dick Place EH9 2JN 18 Oct 2017 Refused 1 Dec 2017
Replace the existing timber single glazed sash and case windows with timber slim-line double glazed sash and case windows to match existing and reinstate the lower central ground floor bay window astragal. 17/04535/CLP 27 Hatton Place  EH9 1UB 3 Oct 2017 Granted 7 Nov 2017
Proposed alterations to existing garage with additional of new study / sun room at first floor level. Internal alterations to link existing kitchen space with basement living room. New bi-fold door opening on rear elevation. Installation of air source heat pump on rear elevation of garage. 17/04518/FUL 7 Mortonhall Road EH9 2HS 2 Oct 2017 Granted
23 Feb 2018
24 Nov 2017 Object
Extensions to house comprising removal of conservatory, demolition of garages and other outbuildings, construction of new orangery, construction of new garage and studio block and associated external works. 17/04725/LBC & 17/05320/CON  6 Whitehouse Terrace EH9 2EU 11 Oct 2017 Granted 17 Nov 2017
17/04318/FUL & 17/04319/LBC GF 15 Grange Terrace  EH9 2LD 19 Sep 2017 Refused 27 Oct 2017
17/04282/LBC 3 & 5 Kilgraston Road  EH9 2DW 18 Sep 2017 Granted 27 Oct 2017
17/04283/FUL & 17/04281/CON 3 & 5 Kilgraston Road EH9 2DW 18 Sep 2017 Granted 10 Nov 2017
17/03454/FUL 7 Grange Loan Gardens  EH9 2EB 21 Jul 2017 Refused 22 Sep 2017 Object