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Enforcement notices

Last updated 17/04/2019

This page lists all requests for enforcement action within the Grange Association area that are either unresolved or for which an enforcement notice has been served.  Requests for which no enforcement notice is served and that are closed with no further action are deleted from this record.

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Type Nature of complaint Address Postcode Date of receipt  How complaint received Status GA Action
18/00691/ECOU Short term lets Unauthorised change of use to short stay letting and attachment of key box. 7 Sciennes House Place EH9 1NN 06 Dec 2018 E-mail Pending Consideration None
18/00641/EADV Advertisement Regulations Unauthorised signage on scaffolding surrounding a listed building in a conservation area. Salisbury Church
122 Causewayside
EH9 1PU 16 Nov 2018 Online submission Issue notice decision
07 Feb 2019

Enforcement notice issued
11 Mar 2019,
12 Apr 2019

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18/00638/EOPDEV Unauthorised Operational Dev Inappropriate window replacement. 30 Grange Terrace EH9 2LE 16 Nov 2018 Online submission Pending Consideration

Retrospective planning application 18/09686/FUL  refused and enforced
18 Jan 2019

17/00188/ELBB Listed Building Breach Unauthorised internal alterations to a listed building 2A Dick Place EH9 2JN 11 Apr 2017 Online submission Notice served
31 May 2017
14/00709/ENCOMP Non Compliance with App Drawing Laying out of compacted hardcore to a depth of approximately 20cm, thereafter overlaid with Astroturf or fake grass, the area of which totals approximately 255m2.

Erection of a raised timber deck measuring approximately 4.2m x 3.2m x 0.15m high.

Erection of an incidental building measuring 2.47m wide x 1.84m deep x 2.26m high, that building being set on a raised timber deck measuring 2.27m x 2.44m x 0.2m high.

20 Mansionhouse Road EH9 1TZ 04 Nov 2014 E-mail Notice served
13 April 2015

Case closed
02 Mar 2017

CLP issued on appeal
11 Oct 2017

Enforcement request

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14/00652/EOPDEV Unauthorised Operational Dev Alleged unauthorised formation of driveway and hardstanding. 59 Grange Road EH9 1TY 10 Oct 2014 E-mail Notice served
06 Feb 2015

Case closed
08 Oct 2015

Enforcement request

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