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Applications for tree work from March 2017

Last updated 18/11/2017

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Description – Click the description for link to the application and reference number *=TPO Address Application Date Status/action
Front garden, LH corner Cherry – Remove lowest branch which is extending low over street and interfering with streetlight, Front garden, Norway Maple at middle of frontage over street – Lightly crown-lift over street by 1m., Front garden Tree Cotoneaster in rear LH corner – Reduce by 30% crown height and reduce spread back from neighbour’s property/path., Rear garden Variegated Holly mid-garden on RH side – Remove 8 Strathearn Road 10 Nov 2017 Pending
Cherry Plum – A multi-stemmed tree 7m high. – To remove a stem 6m long overhanging the neighbours garden, Plum – 5m high. – To crown lift over the play area to give 3.5m ground clearance. 18 Dalrymple Crescent 9 Nov 2017 Pending
Rear garden-right hand boundary Plum tree in decline which is located between 1st & 2nd Apple tree – remove tree, Rear garden right hand boundary 2nd & 3rd Apple trees – reduce height to previous heading cuts, rear garden, rear boundary mature Lime – remove basal epicormics,sever & strip off bottom section of Ivy & check for decay, Front garden – mature Weeping Ash at front right hand corner which is damaging stone boundary wall – remove tree 17A Seton Place 3 Nov 2017 Pending
Mature beech tree; in front driveway of 129 Grange Loan – Raise crown to approximately 5 meters to allow more light penetration and clearance for vehicles, Birch Tree; located in 131 Grange Loan overhanging front garden of 129 Grange Loan – Raise crown to approximately 3 meters to allow more light penetration. * 1F 129 Grange Loan 1 Nov 2017 Pending
Ash – Dismantle and grind stump 39 Mortonhall Road 2 Nov 2017 Pending
Treework required for reasons of Health and Safety pertaining to leaves and sap deposited on pathway used by elderly residents. * 69 South Oswald Road 30 Oct 2017 Pending
Larch – Remove. 10 Mortonhall Road 18 Oct 2017 No objection
Rowan tree in front garden ,would appear to be in serious decline – Remove tree. 1 Findhorn Place 9 Oct 2017 No objection
Copper Beech – lift to final height of 5.4m ( remove aorund 1m), Cherry – Lift to final height of 2.3m 1F1 27 South Oswald Road 9 Oct 2017 Pending
2 Multi stemmed Hazels – Coppice to approx. ½ fence height and remove branches pressing on the fence. , Flowering Crab apple – reduce back from house gable end to fence line, Young Ash – Remove Ash. The stump would be cut low and treated to reduce the potential for regrowth 1 Trotter Haugh 2 Oct 2017 No objection
Fell Lawson Cypress (1770); fell small conifer leaning at 60 degrees between 1770 & 1768; fell two small Conifers at SW corner of bed (too small to be numbered). Reduce crowns of Sycamores 1735, 1736, 1737; reduce northern spread of Dogwood 1739. 1 Oswald Court 4 Oct 2017 No objection
Front garden lh (west) boundary – yew which has become too large – reduce height by approx 1/3 crown height & reduce radial spread by approx 1m, front garden lh (west) boundary – western red cedar which has become too large – reduce height by approx 4-5m,to height of existing yew height.tree too large for gdn. Leave spread , front garden left hand (west) boundary – laurel/rose clump – trim 20 Blackford Road 28 Sep 2017 No objection
Rear garden. Ash tree rear rh corner by shed. Remove as much deadwood as possible – dead branches on south crown as tree partially ring-barked, rear garden – willow tree on rh boundary by house, topped in past & sprouting vigorously – reduce tree to half crown height, reduce spread & lift branches off neighbour’s roof 12 Oswald Road 28 Sep 2017 No objection
Remove mature horse chestnut in lane that has died. (some rhizomorphs were visible) – may have suffered extensive root damage and been finished off by honey fungus., crown-lift neighbours large gean (in falcon gardens rear garden) to 6m on falcon lane side – getting close to one of the buildings. 2 Falcon Lane 21 Sep 2017 Pending
Mature Norway Maple by garages (limited rooting area due to proximity to wall, garages & paving) – remove deadwood & clear branches from the streetlight, lime – remove deadwood, remove Basal Epicormics, inspect base for decay & clear car park light, Sycamore – clear streetlight & remove deadwood, Lime – remove deadwood & remove Basal Epicormics & inspect base for decay.  * Flat 4 119 Grange Loan 25 Jul 2017 Granted
Lime, Height 15m, Spread 11m, DBH >500mm. – Crown lift to provide 1-2m clearance to roof, leaving a natural form. 4 Whitehouse Terrace 19 Sep @017 No objection
Rear garden-large mature japanese cherry (bole is badly split nearly to ground level) – remove – has split in half as the ‘included’ union at crown break has partially failed 131 Grange Loan 12 Sep 2017 No objection
Elm – Crown lift and reduction from bus lane, streetlight and road sign, Cherry Plum. crown lift to 3m, remove water sprouts, and prune back from streetlight – crown lift to 3m, remove water sprouts, and prune back from streetlight, Cherry – Fell, tree now in contact with boundary wall, 4 Beech trees in a row – Crown reduction of 2-3m and beech closest to house reduce to give 2m clearance 2 St Alban’s Road 12 Sep 2017 No objection
Weeping willow tree in Rear Garden – Crown lift by 1-2 metres. Crown reduce height and width by 1-2 metres. General pruning & reshaping. 33 Mansionhouse Road 11 Sep 2017 No objection
Aged Laburnum 7m high between 11 and 10 Sciennes Gardens – Remove whole tree 11 Sciennes Gardens 28 Aug 2017 No objection
The 3 mature trees as the group are pushing the stone retaining garden wall on to public not path. The existing retaining wall is 1200mm high with original railings attached is category B listed and is listing 150-200mm on to the footpath. Now the wall is leaning to a dangerous unacceptable level. 37A Mansionhouse Road 28 Aug 2017 No objection
Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana ‘Wisselii’ by front wall – remove as damaging stone boundary wall. 25 South Oswald Road 18 Aug 2017 No objection
Rear garden, mid rear boundary – upright Thuja – remove tree leaving rowan to develop, rear garden – rear right hand corner lilac – shorten cut stub so not pushing on stone boundary wall, rear garden – Tibetan Cherry – remove as has large growth potential & is significantly overhanging neighbours garden. 15 Palmerston Road 18 Aug 2017 No objection
Very young cherry & 2 x apples next to lh boundary wall in rear garden – remove given close proximity to wall. trim back wall ivy overhang, early mature silver birch & small apple on lawn to lh side in rear garden – remove, norway spruce on rh boundary close to rear of house in rear garden – remove-already too large and has large growth potential. lawn covered in surface roots. 14 Seton Place 10 Aug 2017 No objection
4 young Ash trees and a Whitebeam – Proposal is to remove the overhanging branches. 1 Trotter Haugh 8 Aug 2017 No objection
Rear garden oak (early-mature) on left-hand boundary – crown is currently at 3m height above ground level – increase to 5m all way ’round, front garden mature juniper on right-hand boundary – remove – encroaching too much over path 9 Cumin Place 25 Jul 2017 No objection
4 No Leylandii on left of entrance drive. I no. Beech at drive entrance – Fell to ground level and grind out stumps. Beech to be gently crown lifted to 12 feet and balanced. 5 Whitehouse Terrace 25 Jul 2017 No objection
Eucalyptus trees, mountain gum variety – Six trees to be cut down to ground level by dismantling, logged and waste chipped. 20 South Oswald Road 31 Jul 2017 No objection
Lapsed Castlewellan Leyland Cypress hedge on left boundary – Remove and cut stumps low, Mature Sycamore – Sever Ivy at base, Post mature pear tree on rear left hand corner – Remove major deadwood, Apple tree at the corner of house – Reduce crown height by 1m and shape in sides away from house. 6 Blackford Road 26 Jul 2017 No objection
Early mature gum tree on east boundary – crown-lift to 6m on side of 62e St Albans Rd. (neighbouring property), Lawson Cypress to the south – reduce low branches back from gum tree, early mature Pine by applicant’s St Albans Rd road driveway – crown lift to 3m over public footway, early mature laburnum over St Albans Rd – crown lift to 3m over public footway, early mature Atlantic Cedar (Glauca) – crown lift to 5.5 m over corner of St. Thomas Rd & St Albans road to prevent vehicle strike. 19 St Thomas Road 20 Jul 2017 No objection
Cupressocyparis Leylandii – Reduce height and width. 46 Dick Place 17 Jul 2017 No objection
Eucalyptus – Dismantle, root plate movement, and stressing older Yew. Yew – Hard prune to relieve water stress inflicted by eucalyptus. 7 St Catherine’s Place 27 Jun 2017 No objection
Cultivar – reduce height of RH tree by approx. 1/3rd, Rear garden – Rhus – remove larger stem over garden, Rear garden – group of Cypresses – remove, Rear garden – spindly Myrobalan Plum touching group of Cypresses – reduce height by 1/3rd, Rear garden – Apple at rear RH corner – reduce height by 1/3 to previous topping cuts, rear garden – Griselinia Littoralis (NZ Broadleaf) – reduce height by 1/3 & shape. 12 Seton Place 21 Jun 2017 No objection
Lift crown over west neighbour’s garden and over street by 1m. 11 Dalrymple Crescent 8 Jun 2017 No objection
Yew in front garden – reduce height by approx. 2m and reduce radial spread by approx. 1-2m. – Flat 1 2 Mansionhouse Road Edinburgh EH9 1TZ Flat 1 2 Mansionhouse Road 01 Jun 2017 No objection
Rear garden – early-mature silver birch – remove tree as already too large for this small garden & has large growth potential, front garden – prunus by pedestrian gate covered in clematis/rose – remove tree. – 6B Blackford Road Edinburgh EH9 2DS 6B Blackford Road 01 Jun 2017 No objection
30 foot Lime tree – Tree to be felled. 33 Dick Place 30 May 2017 No objection
Front left hand (sw) corner – 2 mature previously topped laburnums – remove, front garden – horse chestnut on west boundary – remove 2 lowest branches to south-east to create a window of light, front garden; lime tree at south-west corner – crown-lift to 5m. 1F1 20 Mortonhall Road 26 May 2017 No objection
Permission for tree works. 19 Oswald Road 26 May 2017 No objection
Rear boundary – early-mature norway maple. To remove tree. – very close to boundary wall, could damage in the future. Client also feels tree is dominating garden. 10 Hatton Place 25 May 2017 No objection
Mature Cherry Tree – Pruning/removal of a large tree branch, to ensure structural integrity and safety of boundary wall.  GF 31 Blackford Road 24 May 2017 No objection
Leyland Cypress on west boundary – Remove tree A, Sorbus aucuparia – Remove tree B, Prunus (Plum trees) near boundary with 27 Oswald Road – Crown thinning and lowering of trees C, Prunus (cherry) on east boundary – Remove lower branches of tree D, Immature prunus in east border – Remove tree E, Immature prunus in east border – Remove tree F   



28 Mortonhall Road 19 May 2017 No objection
Young ash tree on west boundary of rear garden – remove. Has large growth potential & is likely to damage stone boundary wall in future 55A Grange Road 17 May 2017 No objection
small 6-7ft Rowan with pink berries – removal because of disease. – 3 Kilgraston Road Edinburgh EH9 2DW 3 Kilgraston Road 5 May 2017 No objection
Planted in 1987 ornamental cherry and now dead – tree to be taken down as soon as posible 7 Wyvern Park 3 May 2017 No objection
Single mature bay tree approx 15 feet high – Remove tree and stump to restore light to ground floor windows at rear of property 18A Dick Place 2 May 2017 No objection
Sycamore, Acer pseudoplatanus, 16m, Spread 14m, Diameter @1.5m >600mm. – Reduce height & spread by 4m to reduce movement of stem and root plate. 12 Grange Terrace 01 May 2017 No objection
2 ash and 1 birch behind flats – Raise and thin to allow light. GF2 25 Mortonhall Road 25 Apr 2017 No objection
Mature lime tree – Crown thin, remove crossing branches and clear out double growths , Cherry tree beside gate – Crown thin, remove crossing branches clear out double growths and deadwood , Cedar by gate – Crown lift to wall height, Ash by wall in front of the house – Remove to ground level and grind out stump , Green cypress in right hand corner – Remove to ground level and grind out stump. – 36 Dick Place Edinburgh EH9 2JB 36 Dick Place 24 Apr 2017 No objection
Lime trees (Tilia sp.) x 5 at corner of Findhorn Place and Fountainhall Road – Thin upper crowns and lower crowns as per schedule attached., Magnolia tree (Magnolia sp.) in rear garden – Lift crown from conservatory roof to leave clearance of 20-30cm. 22 Fountainhall Road 18 Apr 2017 Time expired
Front garden-mature horse chestnut at corner of fountainhall road & st thomas road – crown-lift to 5.5 m over street – compliance with s91 roads (scotland) act 1984, front garden-laburnum – trim back from streetlight scn 07 to allow better pooling of light and s91 compliance, rear garden-mature horse chestnut at rear right hand of garden over st thomas road – clear branches from approx 10 bt lines including adjacent young sycamore 65 Fountainhall Road 4 Apr 2017 No objection
Whitebeam 2 No. both Height 9m, spread 6 – 7m, DBH 450 – 600mm – Remove 2 trees to ground level. GF 11 Beaufort Road 14 Apr 2017 No objection
Cypress (4 off, H 9m, S 5 to 6m, DBH >400mm) – Remove to ground level 3 Sciennes Gardens 31 Mar 2017 No objection
Purple Plum – Remove to ground level 29 Grange Road 30 Mar 2017 No objection
Mature Sycamore in SE corner of garden – Removal of tree 12B Oswald Road 22 Mar 2017 No objection