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2 Sciennes Gardens 14/02148/FUL
GuestPostJune 10, 2014, 12:41
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Normal topic2 Sciennes Gardens 14/02148/FUL

The owners of this property have applied for a rear extension and a large area in the front garden to park their car. We feel this parking area would be detrimental to our conservation are and we have written to the Council as follows:

"I write on behalf of the Grange Association which is the amenity association for the Grange Conservation Area with 370 members.
"This application includes a parking area in the front garden. It looks to be an area of hard standing of nearly 30 square meters covering more than 25% of the front garden. The new break in the wall would be 3.6 meters wide. The Householders’ Guidance says
“ 'A parking space will normally be allowed if the front garden is at least 6 meters deep, with a maximum area of 21 square meters or 25% of the front garden, whichever is the greater. The design should be such as to prevent additional parking on the remainder of the garden area, eg by using kerbs, planting boxes or changes of level. The access should not be wider than 3 meters.'
"So it breaches these criteria both in size and width of opening. We consider this large area of hard standing and wide breach in the stone wall would be harmful to the character of the conservation area as set out in the Grange CACA. It would therefore be contrary to policy Env 6 – both sections (a) and (b).
"I request that planning consent be refused for this part of the application."

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