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SE Scotland Strategic Development Plan - Rejected by Ministers
PlanningPostMay 22, 2019, 10:19
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April 4, 2018, 13:36
Normal topicSE Scotland Strategic Development Plan - Rejected by Ministers

The City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) is working to produce its City Plan 2030. That is subservient to the wider South East Scotland Strategic Development Plan ("SESPlan").

Scottish Ministers have rejected the SESPlan, principally because it would allow major housing developments without any associated improvements to transport infrastructure to support them. The Ministers' letter includes:

"The plan does not take sufficient account of the relationship between land use and transport. [...] The plan does not properly acknowledge and address the region’s infrastructure constraints to support the spatial strategy for delivering housing land across the area. This falls short of Ministers’ expectations as set out in National Planning Framework 3. The Examination confirmed that the plan does not include sufficient information on transport interventions required to support the spatial strategy. Ministers do not consider that it is acceptable to approve the plan as to do so would be to adopt a spatial strategy which is not supported by an adequate assessment of the transport impacts or by an adequate strategy to mitigate its impact on the strategic transport network."

CEC has stated:

"We will work with the Scottish Government, national agencies and our regional partners as we progress City Plan 2030. We will still publish our new Development Plan Scheme in August 2019 which will include the new timetable and dates for consultation."

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