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More notable burials

Following the publication of the first 24 Notable Burials in 2015, research has been carried out in 2020 by Jenny Dawe and Pat Storey to provide information on a further 24 people who are interred in Grange Cemetery.

Photographs by David Watson.

A William King Tweedie
B Hezekiaj Merricks
C Thomas Pitcairn
D William Henderson
E George Bertram
F David Masson
G Dugald Christie
H Captain James Kerr RN
I William Mutrie
J Sir George McCrae
K Robert Philip
L William Ballantyne Hodgson
M William Soltau Davidson
N Robert Douglas Norman
O Tom, “African slave boy”
P Mary Russel Walker
Q David Wright
R Christian Isobel Johnstone
S Dick Cunyngham
T James Balmain
U George Washington Browne
V Duncan Napier
W Thomas Drummond Shiels
X John Kinross