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Astley Ainslie Hospital

This new page has been set up to keep members informed of the plans for the redevelopment of the Astley Ainslie site when the hospital moves to the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. We are in the process of adding material to it.  Links down the left side will take you to a number of relevant or interesting documents about the site.

Map of the Astley Ainslie site

General History of the site

Rights of Way through the grounds

Notes of meetings about the future of the Astley Ainslie site

NHS Lothian timeline for the sale

Edinburgh Council Development Brief 2002

Grange Conservation Area Character Appraisal

Listed Buildings on the site

Development Brief for the Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Recollections of the first Medical Superintendent’s daughter

Questionnaire distributed to Grange Association members

Questionnaire analysis


Update from Sue Tritton December 2016

Astley Ainslie Hospital (AAH) site. There is now some information from NHS Lothian about the future of this site. First, we remind readers of some recent history. The site was first considered for development in the early 2000s when building a new school there was thought to be possible. In 2002 a Development Brief for the site was drawn up by the City Council; this Brief has been confirmed to be still valid and no amendments are planned. The Grange Conservation Area Character Appraisal, updated in 2014, has a long section on the AAH grounds and its value to the area.

In 2011 NHS Lothian began consulting representatives of local Community Councils about redevelopment of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital (REH) site which would include transferring all facilities from the AAH site to the REH site. At a meeting in October 2016 NHS Lothian confirmed that they expect to start consultations with the community in early 2017, in advance of producing a Masterplan for the AAH site prior to a sale in around 2019. The AAH site lies within the boundaries of the Marchmont & Sciennes Community Council and is within the Grange Conservation Area. Three other community councils border the site and their residents also have a strong interest in any development on the site. Representatives of the community councils have agreed to work together to keep their residents informed about any consultation events and plan to work with the NHS to ensure that any information provided is accurate – possibly via a dedicated website.

We recognise that some development on this site is inevitable and hope that this will not result in the loss of the much appreciated open space in the AAH grounds. We therefore wish to work with the community to try to ensure that the development is acceptable – or, as acceptable as possible. The Grange Association has long been involved with this much loved area and took part in the survey in 2012 to record public use of the grounds (see Newsletter No 104). This led to some of the routes through the grounds being designated as public Rights of Way (see article by Jo Doake – link on left). We will keep you informed about details of any public meetings on our website. If you are able to help in any way please get in touch. We would be particularly interested in hearing from anyone with experience of dealing with such large scale developments who may be able to help with any legal or planning matters which will arise.